Configuring an External TimescaleDB

Beginning with Turbonomic 8.1.4, you can configure External Reports to use an external deployment of TimescaleDB. To enable an external deployment, you will:

  • Deploy or access the external TimescaleDB instance that you will use.

    This is a PostgreSQL server with the TimescaleDB extension. The DB server must be deployed in a way that is accessible to your installation of Turbonomic. It can be deployed on the cloud or in an on-prem VM. The Embedded Reports feature currently supports PostgreSQL 12.x and TimescaleDB 2.0.1.

    For information about installing Timescale, see the article:

  • Provision users, databases, and schemas on the TimescaleDB instance
    To provision these database objects you can manually provision or enable Turbonomic to automatically provision.
    For more information, see:
  • Edit properties in the Turbonomic cr.yaml file.
    Note that the location of the cr.yaml file is different, depending on whether you are configuring an OVA installation or a Kubernetes Node installation of Turbonomic.

  • Optionally, enable secure connections between Turbonomic and the Timescale DB instance
    For information about enabling TLS/SSL for database connections, see the PostgreSQL documentation here.

    We have verified that the steps tp to create a self-signed certificate, as outlined in that document, produce a server that functions properly with all components of Embedded Reporting. However, we do not recommend using self-signed certificates in production instances.

To configure External Reports to use an external deployment of TimescaleDB, you must edit the Turbonomic cr.yaml file. For tips about editing yaml files, see YAML File Editing Tips.