Automatic Provisioning of Users and Databases

For Turbonomic to automatically create the required databases for Embedded Reports, the Turbonomic cr.yaml file must specify credentials for a user account that has global R/W access to the DB service. To do this you can Store the credentials in cleartext in the cr.yaml file.

If Automatic Provisioning is not appropriate for your environment, then you must access the DB service with a R/W account and manually add the databases and user accounts that Embedded Reports can use. See Manual Provisioning of Users and Databases.

To enable an external TimescaleDB for Embedded Reports, you must edit the Turbonomic charts_v1alpha1_xl_cr.yaml file.

Open the .cr file for editing.

The location of the file depends on the type of Turbonomic installation you are configuring:

  • For an OVA installation of Turbonomic:
    Open a SSH terminal session on your Turbonomic instance.
    Log in with the System Administrator that you set up when you installed Turbonomic:
    • Username: turbo
    • Password: <your_private_password>

    Then edit the file:

  • Turbonomic on a Kubernetes node or node cluster:
    Open the following file for editing:

Specify the endpoint for connecting to the external database.

For the connection endpoint, provide either the fully-qualified domain name of the external server or its IP address.

Add the endpoint to the spec/global/externalTimescaleDBIP property in the cr.yaml file:

    externalTimescaleDBIP: <host-or-IP>

Specify the global R/W account that Turbonomic will use to log into the TimescaleDB service.

This enables Turbonomic to automatically create the databases, schemas, and uers that Embedded Reports requires.

NOTE: You should only do this if you want to enable global RW access to the TimescaleDB service in the cr.yaml file. You will specify the account credentials in clear text.

If you choose not to specify the global account here, then you must manually provision the database objects that Embedded Reports requires. See Manual Provisioning of Users and Databases.

To grant the access Turbonomic needs, specify the username and password for an account that has global R/W privileges on the TimescaleDB instance. Add these credentials in the /spec/properties/global/dbs/postgresDefault block of the cr.yaml file, as follows:

          rootUserName: <root-user>
          rootPassword: <root-password>