Creating an External TimescaleDB

You can create an external TimescaleDB service that you host in your environment, or you can use an existing TimescaleDB service that has been deployed on the cloud or in your enterprise by the DB Management team.

The TimescaleDB service that Turbonomic uses must satisfy these conditions:

  • Deployment
    The TimescaleDB is a PostgreSQL server with the TimescaleDB extension. It must be deployed in a way that is accessible to your installation of Turbonomic. It can be deployed on the cloud or in an on-prem VM.

    For information about installing Timescale, see the article:

  • Supported Version
    The Embedded Reports feature currently supports PostgreSQL 12.x and TimescaleDB 2.0.1.

  • An account with global R/W privileges on the TimescaleDB instance
    The Embedded Reports feature requires a specific set of databases to be created on the TimescaleDB. It is typical practice for an administrator to manually create the necessary databases. Alternatively, you can create a global R/W user account for the Turbonomic platform so it can create the databases automatically.

  • Entry Point
    The TimescaleDB must provide an entry point via DNS Name or IP Address that you can access from Turbonomic. You will configure this access in the Turbonomic cr.yaml file.

To create the TimescaleDB:

  1. Install the DB package.
    For information about installing Timescale, see the articls:
  2. Create a global R/W user account that can be used to create databases on the DB service.
    Launch the DB service and open a command session. Then create the global R/W account.
    You can alternatively set credentials to this account in the Turbonomic cr.yaml file. You can enter them as cleartext, or you can manage the credentials via Kubernetes Secrets. If you set the account credentials in cr.yaml, Turbonomic can create the databases that the Embedded Reports feature needs.
  3. (OPTIONAL) Manually create the users and databases that Embedded Reports will use.
    If you cannot grant Turbonomic global R/W access to the DB, you must manually create the databases and users for Embedded Reports. See Manually Creating Users and Databases.