Embeded Reporting Schema and External Database Configuration

This document describes the tables in the Turbonomic Embedded Reporting data schema.

The Turbonomic platform includes an Embedded Reporting component that you can choose to enable when you install the platform. Embedded Reporting stores a history of your managed environment and then presents selective snapshots of this history via a set of standard dashboards and reports.

Dashboards and charts in Turbonomic are powered by the Grafana® observability platform. With Grafana, it's easy to navigate the existing dashboards, and to make your own charts and dashboards with no coding required. You can also create custom custom reports via SQL queries against the Embedded Reports database.

To compose custom reports, navigate to the Reports view, then explore the Timescale database. From there, you can assemble queries to populate your custom reports. To help you build these queries, this document describes the schema tables, and provides some sample queries against them.

The Embedded Reports feature uses a TimescaleDB service to manage the reporting data. The default installation of Turbonomic includes its own installation of TimescaleDB. This document also includes instructions to deploy an external TimescaleDB service. You can use this as an alternative to the default deployment.

For general information information about Turbonomic, see the full Turbonomic documentation HERE.